As technology advances, transit agencies must embrace it and find a way to make it effective for all customers.
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Helping cities take public transit efforts to a new level.
“I am passionate about Transit so it is my pleasure to share information and ideas about all things transit through this website. Having spent most of my professional career moving through the ranks public transit and making an impact in several cities over the years, I will share with you past successes and ideas, current trends happening across the country and future possibilities as well as my own ideas in what public transportation could be as we move into the next era of mass transit.
As you think about great cities all over the world, one of the things they have in common is a great mass transit system. A way to move people easily, on time and give us the freedom needed to live our lives as we see fit. How can we improve the systems we have in our cities? What great innovations and ideas are taking place across the country, across the world? Why do we need progress and innovation in mass transit? Who is out there making a difference? and When will we see these exciting ideas unfold?
I hope you will join on this journey as we explore this and related subject matter together over the months to come.
Come along for the ride!”
Ron Garrison

EmbracingTechnology in Transit