Always make positive change when and where you can. No matter what city I have worked with on public transportation issues, I have left feeling great about what I’ve accomplished with them. From raising efficiency percentages to developing key programs to sustain the changes being made, I truly believe that together we can make a difference in public transit services.
Ron Garrison

MakingA Difference

Creating A Public Transportation Solution For Everyone
Working closely with cities of all sizes and demographics is going to be the only way we can make a difference – TOGETHER. We can provide true public transportation for those who need it or prefer to use it, no matter what circumstance they may happen to be going through. Creating an Equitable Transit system overall could help thousands of people in every city help to rebuild their life and help to improve their community experience overall.

  • Implemented Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA)
  • Improved MATA fixed route bus On-Time-Performance from 44 percent to over 72 percent
  • Improved MATA paratransit On-Time-Performance from 45 percent to over 92 percent